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The Truth About eBay Drop Ship Companies

Currently, there is so much buzz about drop ship eBay companies. A lot of people think that eBay drop ship companies are just gimmicks that are not legitimate businesses. On the other hand, some people recognize that it is the new way of doing business. With this online debate and with no personal experience of the drop ship companies for eBay, it is easy to be swayed of and carried away with the buzz. Such an event could cost you financially or even prevent you from realizing the benefits that you could otherwise do. To make it clear, we will be addressing the various truth and the obvious lies that have been propagated.

First, before going to the details about drop shipping companies eBay, it is important to establish the drop shipping business origins. It is no news that the American market is very active and very competitive. With many businesses it is always benefitting to adopt the next strategy to at least get an additional fraction of the customer base. Drop shipping came as a strategy of gaining more customers just with one business. But because no one wanted to be out of business because of losing customers, they all had to adopt it.

eBay has joined the fray and it is contradictory whether the drop shipping eBay companies are profitable or not. Let’s first address the procedure of setting up an eBay drop ship company.

How to Set Up a Drop Ship eBay Company

  • Create a seller account on eBay.
  • Carry out research to establish drop ship companies.

Normally, go for suppliers in the same country with your targeted customer. To find them, you can use directories or online sources like Doba, which make the research work easier by availing these suppliers close to you.

  • Choose what to sell.

The product you want to sell should have good demand and it should not be in excess supply. These will destroy the market as demand will be low and supply high, hence negatively affecting price.

  • Put up an account as a retailer with the supplier.
  • Put up your items on eBay.
  • Be sure to contact your supplier when you make a sale.

The Truths and the Lies about Drop Ship Companies for eBay

To address the issue of drop shipping companies eBay businesses, it is only appropriate to do so as per regions. In the US, eBay drop shipping companies are doing pretty well. In the US, a drop shipping EBay company is expected to do well.

However, in other countries like Australia, eBay drop shipping companies are not so promising and it requires strategies to have the perfect drop shipping company eBay business to pick. From reviews posted by Australian based drop ship resellers, it is hard to have such a business do well. For one to run a drop ship eBay company successfully in Australia, you need to have suppliers based in the US as well as customers based in the US. Otherwise, it has proven to be difficult.

Generally, what will kill drop ship companies for eBay are unreliable suppliers. A drop ship eBay company needs to meet the promised delivery date so you need to find a supplier that can help you do that each and every time. Also, unavailability of goods is a major issue that leads to the downfall of eBay drop ship companies. Lastly, lack of payment options have contributed to bringing down even the most popular drop shipping companies eBay business.

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